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Why Rob G Coaching?

Coaching is a process built on trust, participation and information sharing.

In private conversations we discuss your high pressure circumstances and situations.

I help business professionals through transaction based murky, turbulent waters, and help navigate the process from beginning to end.

You can talk to your spouse

  • but they have a biased interest

You can speak to a lawyer

  • but fees are prohibitive

You can choose a psychologist

  • but no business background

You can try your accountant​

  • but they may not be supportive

You can speak to your colleagues​

  • but not if a decision involves them

You can speak to your family​

  • but they have their own worries



What will we discuss?

I assist you to;

  1. Identify the most important criteria behind your decision/next steps

  2. Examine, evaluate and weigh possible, likely and unpredictable outcomes 

  3. Increase your creativity and understanding of the situation

  4. Understand the full impact of your choices

  5. Make an expedient, informed decision

  6. Adapt to the adversity and change



Rob G Results

I have witnessed clients

  • Increase their positivity

  • Find new careers

  • Explore different opportunities

  • Start new businesses

  • Take time to enjoy themselves

  • End unhealthy partnerships

  • Adopt new routines

The saying "business is business" has never been less appropriate; to professionals, executives, founders and entrepreneurs.

The emotional impact of letting go of a business, partnership or taking a risk to acquire or expand an operation is personal. It takes commitment and fortitude.

Whether you choose to handle the pressure on your own, is the real consideration.


What to expect?

We begin with a complimentary, no risk, no fee, discussion.   


You describe to me the situation, M&A, partnership dissolution, insolvency, etc... and tell me how, why, and when this will affect you and in what capacity.

If you like the nature, tone and results of our discussion, I forward you 2 package descriptions, and you select the one that is most appropriate.

Most business transactions are long, difficult, and complicated, emotionally and physically draining process. 


Be prepared as best as you can before it begins, so that once started you can use your best judgement and instincts to move forward.



All sessions are virtual unless otherwise agreed upon.

The best way to book sessions is reserve a time slot (1hr) each week on the same day.

Plan for several weeks at a time.  

Some transactions will take 26 to 52 weeks so expect numerous iterations of sessions.

We will work on 

  • your business approach

  • your personal approach

  • determine goals and timelines

  • breathing and stress release

  • future plans

  • identifying moving targets and possible impacts

Rob G Advantages

As a certified, professional coach, I provide  you with optimal service, compassion, insight and reflection.

I personally wasted tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, spilling my thoughts out to lawyers who billed in full the entire time.  They provided little emotional help and profited greatly off of my doubts and behavior. 

No business transactions are easy and most take a complete effort to get through.   

The damage to a business, customers, employees, suppliers and most of all yourself, can be disastrous during transitions. 


I hope you choose to work with a credentialed coach.

I provide sessions from 7am to 9pm so you can begin or end your day in the right headspace.

I coach a limited number of clients so you never have to worry about being rebooked.


I do not "lock" clients into quarterly or annual plans so you can pay as you go.

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