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What is the difference between a therapist and a coach?

   The 3 main differences 

  • A therapist focuses on mental challenges, from the past, and how to deal with them

  • A coach focuses on goals, for the future, and how to achieve them

How do we outsource your services for our company?

Employee benefits, especially health and wellness is critical to your business.   I can create custom plans to reduce your corporate expenses and tailor programs for staff and executives.   Email me to set up a discussion of what you need & how I can help. 

After I book my free discovery session what happens next?

We have a short chat to make sure I can provide you with the services, dates and times you want.  Then I send onboarding documents (confidentiality & consent forms, plus a guidance sheet for sessions).   

Why Rob Goodman coaching?

With training from a highly respected academy, 30+ years of being coached, and a combination of intuition, passion for coaching, and a history of helping others, I bring a novel skill set of techniques, attitudes and a mind body spirit focus.

Why should I trust Rob Goodman?

For ~15 years I owned a company that provided software to assist physicians and healthcare specialists.  I worked tirelessly to earn and maintain their trust and confidence, and ensured that nearly 2 Million patients per year were looked after.   

In addition my family is/was composed of dentists, lawyers, academics, executives & engineers.   Who better to understand the requirements and needs of a professional?

Why should I invest in myself?

You research a car before you buy it, same as a toaster oven.   But how much do you really know, like, understand and value about yourself?   If you are still reading this, the answer is pretty clear.  My coaching gives you a vehicle and outlet to improve and change your life.   How much is that worth?   What are you willing to do for yourself today?

What if I still have a question that is not listed here?

Email me at and I will get back to you shortly.

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