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How do you actually help people?

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

"I listen, I support, and I reflect".

Often people are in situations where they can't talk openly to their sibling, parent, spouse, boss, neighbour, co-worker or friend. Rather than let disappointment and frustration eat away at them until they are broken, most clients reframe their emotions just by talking about the issue. Opening up in a safe space is the natural remedy.

I listen.

Lots of people are afraid to ask for things (i.e. a raise, a date, help on a project). I help clients find the courage and willpower to ask. Together we figure out the best way to communicate their wants and needs plus a way to phrase it. Clients remain in control of their lives, make decisions, and choose their actions.

I support.

Nowadays people are frustrated, overwhelmed, perplexed and anxious about so many things in their life. They explain the details, and I repeat them back so they can hear what they are saying to themselves. Clients evaluate their options until one seems right. I act as a mirror.

I reflect.

One thing is always true; if you have someone to listen, support and reflect back to you the chances of you staying stuck, disappointed or afraid are greatly diminished.

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